Travel is remarkable.

By experiencing the unique qualities of new cultures around the world travelers become humbled in their understanding of the true size and scope of our planet. Humanity is an expansive species striving in even the most difficult environments. As cultures grow and evolve, they adapt to their surroundings and develop creative ways to continue to exist and persevere despite the harshest elements. To travel is to witness the most incredible feats of which humanity is capable and to witness the beauty of our incredible Earth.

Sports push boundaries.

As humans adapt and understand the world around them, they test their limits and push it as far as they can, often to the brink where if they push any further, they break. Then they make a game of it.

The world of sports is its own unique culture and the same sport in one country is an entirely different beast in another. Sports, much like tourism, can bring about unity, forcing people together from vastly different walks of life.

As we play and travel we develop new understandings of who we are. Like two exhausted and sweaty athletes, bitter rivals up until that final whistle, shaking hands at the end of an excruciating match, we must humble ourselves to an understanding that we are all equal.

We are here to live, to laugh, to play and have fun.
But some of us are here to push, to tempt, to drive ourselves to be better. Some of us are athletes that will never settle for the bare minimum. We strive to go forward and better ourselves with each passing breath.

We believe in the importance of living life to the fullest and following our dreams.

Sporty Destinations combines the philosophy of travel with that of sports to create tours to new destinations, teach new techniques, broaden tastes and improve skills.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”


Michael Jordan